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Are you affiliated or recommended by any machine manufacturer?

No, we are a solution for any tobacco retailer who finds themselves in a bind after the passage of the transportation bill. The Club solution addresses all areas that currently concern retail stores;
1) protecting the investment made in the machines and the business
2) the retail business structure
3) financial and profitability of the store
4) continued sales and marketing of the retail business
5) Helping you place your machines in a new legal operation that allows oversight.

How do you set up Clubs?

We specialize in setting up Chapters of our own 501(c) non-profit organization. You can forget about the pain and cost of starting all of this from scratch. The cost would be well up in the thousands, and then there is the ongoing operation of the Club which has never been operated in this manner before. We support you all the way through.

How do I restructure my retail operation?

We have invested the time, effort and expense to create a blueprint for your new future operation as a retail store. You "must" separate yourself from your machines in a specific legal manner by which you can retain access and monitoring of the machines in a new fashion. We assist with this structure. In addition; you can't advertise and grow the same way you did before. ($26.99 for a spin or rotation is not allowed) and you have to think about a Club that has "members" not customers.

Do you currently have retailers participating?

Yes. We are working daily to assist our newest members to prepare their businesses for the future. Keep in mind that this is a significant change from your old business plan. As Phil Accordino said “the business as we once knew it is now gone”.

How do I advertise my retail business if my machines are relocated?

We will show you how to maintain your customer base and advertise in a very different manner.

Is the restructuring going to be legal?

By the opinions of a non-profit specialized law firm we have retained, you can be confident that you will no longer be exposed to the possibility of being deemed a manufacturer and at the same time can enjoy the continued profits of a retail business you have worked so hard to create.

Why should I do this now instead of waiting until I see what happens with the injuction?

If you are a gambler, then you can wait. If you want to preemptively prepare for the future, you will accomplish two major things. The ability to advise, educate and prepare your customers for the new business model. And you can get re-established as an entirely new type of business structure well before any laws are changed so that you can show that you took the time and effort to comply with any future possible laws by modifying your business model in advance.

Can I change my business model and keep my machines in my store?

The short answer is No. Every proposed law and regulatory attempt revolves around the specific claim that you are operating these machines in a "retail" environment. You must separate the machines from the retail operation. These two separate businesses are divorced forever. They must be taken care of as two completely different corporations that have two distinctly different missions.

Couldn't I just move my machines somewhere else by myself and continue business?

The machines can now only be used in your home for “personal use”. Or they can be placed in a non-profit organization to be used for personal use within the club. We have the issue resolved in a legal manner to allow you to maintain your profits and your peace of mind.

Why do you need Clubs?

One thing is because Filling Station will not acknowledge or support any machines that are not in a personal use/club scenario. We know your business at least as well as you do. We have partnered with the best law firm, marketing people, private club operators, experienced RYO personnel that we could find. We can streamline and assist you through your transformation throughout the process. We have established relationships within the tobacco grower and private packaging world as well.

What does it cost?

Very little. But what little it costs to protect your business and profits is nothing compared to what most likely awaits you if the authorities close your doors. Wouldn't you agree? We would be delighted to speak with you directly and explain much more of the details and costs involved through direct contact with us.

What If The Tax on Loose Tobacco Skyrockets?

After you speak with us, you will see that we have prepared for every scenario we can think of. We can offer you a unique solution to continue business operations unobstructed in the event taxes are raised on loose tobacco.

I only have 1 machine, should I do RYO Clubs?

Your best option is to partner up with another person with only a single machine in your area and split the costs of a RYO Club.

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